Writing Opportunity – Machine of Death

Surfing around the Internet yesterday, I found another great writing opportunity at a website called Machine of Death. Harsh title aside, this is a really great idea. First of all, they have written an idea for a story and are looking for writers to give their take on it. The idea is really interesting and similar to an idea for a story I never wrote. The idea is as such: A machine has been invented that can tell from a sample of blood how a person is going to die. It doesn’t tell a date or time, just how it happens. The catch is that the predictions are vague and usually have a twist. For example, if it tells you that you will die of “Old Age” that could simply mean you are run over by a car driven by an old person.

Submissions of any length are being accepted from now until April 30, 2007, though they recommend submitting before March 31, 2007. They are paying $45 for each story selected for publication. Here is a writeup from their site:


Machine of Death is an upcoming published anthology of short stories edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !, inspired by this episode of Ryan’s Dinosaur Comics.

We are actively soliciting short story submissions for the book. Submissions are free and open to everybody. Ryan, Matt and David ! will choose their favorite stories from all submissions, and each contributor will receive $45 USD for each story selected for publication.

The book will be available through Amazon or any other retailer. We are also trying to work it out so that each contributor will have the right to purchase copies of the book at cost (with no retail markup), and will be free to resell the book however they like and keep their profits.

The manuscript will also be placed online, in PDF form, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike 2.5 license. That means people will be able to read, copy, and distribute your story for free, which we hope will expose more readers to the material, and which has proven to be a good method of building awareness and even driving physical sales. There may also be an audiobook version created, which will be placed for free on Podiobooks.com.

Finally, any eventual profits made by Ryan, Matt and David ! will be turned back around into the project, helping to promote and publicize your work.

I am very excited for this one and will surely submit something. I have already written a few ideas in my notebook for use after I finish my pirate story. I actually have a pretty full writing schedule now. Here is my list of writing priorities in order:

  1. The Pirate Story (almost complete)
  2. The contest at The Moon Topples
  3. Machine of Death

As always, I would be interested to hear who will be submitting their work to Machine of Death. Good luck!

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