Currently Reading – Fables

After finishing Good Omens, I dove right into my next reading obsession, Fables. For those who don’t know, Fables is a comic book published by Vertigo comics in which characters from our childhood fables, such as Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, and Red Riding Hood really existed in a land called the Homelands, only be be forced to escape to the Mundane lands (our reality) and live in a community in New York called Fabletown. Though this is a “comic book”, there are no superheros or anything like that and in fact, these stories are not intended for children. What the story does have, is elements of fantasy and adventure and interesting characters that are not always good or always evil. Fables has won seven Eisner awards.

I just finished reading the excellent collection of Fables comics titled Fables VOL. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers, which collects issues 19-21 & 23-27 and deals with an invasion of Fabletown by an army of soldiers made of sentient wood created by (Gipetto of Pinocchio fame).  I read the whole thing in two nights, which is amazing for me and is an indicator of how well written the story really is.

If you would like to learn more about Fables, check out this excellent guide on the Fables story thus far which details all of the major characters in Fables and also provides descriptions of all of the trade paperbacks.

5 thoughts on “Currently Reading – Fables

  1. paperback writer – very cool. I think my favorite story I read so far was “The Last Castle” which was included in the Volume 4 trade paperback. I particularly like the stories that deal with the Homelands and I think my next purchase will be Vol. 6: Homelands.

  2. Kastor417 – I totally know how you feel. Those collected volumes are cool, but once you catch up you have to read the story 1 per month, which can be tough if you are really into a story.

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