My New Workspace

Since my desktop computer died last Thursday (R.I.P. Herbie 1999-2007) I decided to bite the bullet and buy the notebook computer I have been dreaming about purchasing for a long time. What helped my decision was the necessity (the above mentioned computer death) as well as 0% financing for a year from Circuit City as well as a free printer and router with mail-in rebate. The actual process of purchasing the computer was brutally horrific, what with the warranty spiel (no thanks), and the “we don’t have the printer in stock, so you won’t get any of the items for free”. Luckily, my wife, who I call “The Closer”, a baseball term, was there to make sure we got everything they advertised. Anyhow, with Helen and Karen posting pictures of their workspaces, I thought I would post a picture of my new workspace (Herbie 2):


Note this isn’t a picture of my actual notebook, as I wouldn’t display a completely random picture of a generic football player doing his best Statue of Liberty impression, but it is a picture of the laptop I purchased. Notice I opted not to take a picture of my workspace in my home. I do this as a service to you, my dear reader, as it is currently too gruesome and NSFW as my poor old computer is just laying there. guts strewn about.

The great thing about the notebook computer is that hopefully my new workspace won’t be in any one room anyhow. I hope to be more productive a writer as I will be able to write in bed, in the office, or in the kitchen. I think I’ll stay out of the bathroom, though.

14 thoughts on “My New Workspace

  1. What? Some the world’s best writing is created in the bathroom. Just kidding. I love my MacBook and I love being able to write where ever I choose. Sorry to hear about your last computer, but computers live in different years like dogs. A dog year is about 7 to 1. I think computer years are closer to 12 to 1. It was your computer’s time. Herbie was 96 years old after all.

  2. Paperback Writer – you will be rewarded in Heaven where I hear everyone gets a free laptop with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and a 300 gb hard drive.

    Bryan – thanks for the condolences. It does make me feel better that Herbie lived to be 96. I just hope I can get the data off the old hard drive. Tonight I’m trying a Linux boot disk (Koppix) that Mike mentioned last week

  3. I am so jealous. My laptop is really my work laptop. As in paid for by work and will be taken away when they fire me.

    Let me know if the Linux trick works. I’ve used it to recover my windows when setting up the Linux dual boot went awry but never to get into a quirky drive. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. If it works will you write me into a story and have me brutally killed. I deserve at least that much ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Poor Herbie 1! But just think, if you had Central Beer, you could use your laptop in every room of the house and have refreshments on tap.

    Heh heh, my husband is “The Closer” too. Not only can he negotiate the best deals, the bargains seem to flock to him. It’s uncanny.

  5. Struggling…congrats! I’m jealous…I work on an old, beat-up PC that is in a really crummy “workspace”–if you can even call it that…on top of a table surrounded by bits of paper, paperclips, and old coffee cups. Gotta do something about that.
    Hmmm…0% financing, you say?

  6. Mary,
    The financing thing was if you sign up for their credit card, which I did and will cut up once I have paid it off. It is nice for those of us who might not be able to afford spending $1000 all at once, but who can pay a little off each month. I would stress, of course, to may it off before the free financing period is up. Otherwise they really stick it to you.

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