John Scalzi on Writing and Money

I ran across this a week or so ago, but never posted it.  Author John Scalzi broke down on his blog the amount of money he made writing Science Fiction last year.  He also added an addendum to that post here and here.  As someone who would like to someday make a living writing fiction, these posts were very informative.  He discuses advance payments and royalties as well.  He wrote these posts not to brag about the amount of money he made, but to inform writers about the writing life.  Anyhow, check it out if you are interested in this type of information.


I have been experiencing something in the past few days that I haven’t experienced in many months: sleep! Finally, my daughter has been sleeping almost entirely through the night, with the best night being last night. Last night she only woke up one time, and that was only for about twenty minutes. It was glorious.

Ever since she was born my daughter has been aware of everything around her. It seemed she was checking things out the moment she arrived in this world, thinking to herself, “Hmm, I could get used to this place.” She has always been a hungry baby, too, at first eating every two hours and then transitioning to every three hours, even at night. Those were the rough times. I remember a while back when my daughter slept a little longer than usual and my wife remarked,”I actually had a dream.”

I think the difference now is that my daughter has been eating solids lately, which seems to be curbing her appetite. She has even been eating meat such as chicken and turkey. She seems to love it.

The first couple days after she started sleeping through the night were rough since my body was not accustomed to sleeping that amount of time, which is weird. Today, however, I feel rested and almost refreshed. I really think this will have a positive affect on my writing.

I should enjoy this sleep while I can, because I know something is coming that will probably take my sleep away again: teething. Ugh.