My Ficlet

Well, I went ahead and posted a little story on Ficlets.  You can check it out here: Sweet Carolina, Part 2.  My post is a continuation of Sweet Carolina, Part 1.  Feel free to leave comments  there or here, or both.  I have to tell you I had a lot of fun with this one.  I sense a new addiction.  It is also great practice.  Remember, the 1024 character limit includes punctuation, spaces, and newline characters.

To see all of my ficlets go here (right now I only have one).

Ficlets – A Great Idea

Author John Scalzi mentioned on his blog By The Way today that he will be blogging for a site called Ficlets. I had never heard of Ficlets, but once I checked it out I am already hooked. What a great idea! I guess it is similar to the writing contests I have been taking part in with my local newspaper. Someone starts a story and the readers finish the story (or start their own stories. Here is the description of the site from the Ficlets Web Site:

About Ficlets

ficlets are shorter than short stories. Well, no, actually, they are short stories, but they’re really short stories. Really short, as in there’s not a maximum word count … there’s actually a maximum character count (1,024). There is also a minimum character count, and the number of that beast is 64.

If you wish, we’ll provide you with inspiration (photos, themes, suggested beginnings and endings, even other ficlets), but you’re completely free to blaze your own trail. Now, here’s where the real fun comes in: Each and every ficlet is modular in that, though you may have written a stand-alone story with a beginning, middle, and ending, your fellow ficleteers may choose to write a prequel or sequel to your story. In this respect, you can think of ficlets as literary Legos.

All ficlets are covered under Creative Commons, which means that if you wrote it, you own it. Period.

To give you an idea of what you can do with 1,024 characters, that is the exact length of this “About Ficlets” description

So, there is a miximum 1024 CHARACTER limit. Surely we all have enough time in our busy schedules to fit in 1024 characters. Anyone that starts a Ficlet feel free to post a link in the comments here and maybe one of us will continue the story.

To get things rolling, John Scalzi posted a ficlet himself titled Sweet Carolina, which I think could go in a number of different ways. Finally, here is a link to the Ficlets Blog.