I haven’t given an update on my current writing projects in the past few days, so here it goes.

  • I’m making good progress on my Machine of Death project. I have gone through a few revisions and a few central plot changes, but overall I think I’m on track to finish before the March 31 deadline (and hopefully sooner).
  • Though a new installment is due next Tuesday, I’m not going to submit a third chapter of my local newspaper’s writing contest. I figure I’ve won this four times and I would like to work on other things. Besides, this itch is being scratched by..
  • ..Ficlets. Man, I’m really liking this web site. Check out my stuff here. I have been on the “Most Popular” and “Most Active” lists the last few days.

Audience Participation

So that’s me. As far as this blog goes, it seems as though the activity here has slowed to a trickle. There haven’t been too many comments here, so I’m not sure how well I’m doing as a blogger (thanks to those of you who have posted comments). For you regulars/lurkers, is there anything you would like to see here that I used to do, but no longer write about? What would you like to hear from me?

9 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Maybe some juggling and free donuts would pull the crowds in. I’m only joking, just the donuts would be sufficient.

    I’ve been working ’til 10.30pm for the last couple of weeks been proving difficult to do any websurfing in recent days. My commenting skills are atrophying as I type. Can’t… depress… more keys…

  2. I read, but haven’t had much to say. This isn’t just here, it’s everywhere. I feel everything has been said already. I’m not even posting on my own blog because of this.

    I wouldn’t mind reading an update on the “little one” though. 🙂

  3. Sometimes, there’s just nothing to add. I do like when you share contest info, however. I’ve learned of more contests and writing opportunities here than any other single writer’s website. Thanks.

  4. I’m around, Struggling Writer. I check in but often get called away from the computer before I can comment. But I do really enjoy reading your posts, both about writing and your little darling. You’re doing well! In fact, you’ve inspired me a lot over the past year.

  5. I am here, Struggling. My life’s been a little hectic lately….my wife started teaching a local college in the evenings and I have to hold down the fort….there are other things keeping things hopping around here that I hope settle down in the next few weeks, but we haven’t forgotten about you….Oh, thanks for the ficlet link…I will have to check it out.


    p.s. While my book has been written, I still haven’t gotten around to editing it yet. I have written some short stories….although not for the last few weeks..My brain has been too scattered to write as of late.

  6. We were just wondering how long until you cracked under the silence. I read somewhere that reminded us to expect a downturn in visitors and comments over the next few weeks as people wander around the country on their various spring breaks. And maybe the warming weather is getting people outside and away from their computers more.

  7. You’re awesome.
    I’m tired too, from babies being up. Guess what? I’m using the next First Line contest as a side project from the novel and it’s really turning into something good. Actually, I’m using the first line to write a story idea I had already. Cool to have an outside prompt to go from.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Hey…I check in and read every couple days…I love your blog and I’ve learned a lot through it. I appreciate how much you share about your life, and about writing and how hard it is…(but we keep doing it, don’t we??)–I too wonder how to get more blog readers…it’s a puzzle.

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