Budding Romance

Saturday was a pretty busy day for my family and I. My friend has a son who just turned one and we were invited to the birthday party, which was being held in my hometown, an hour trip each way. Since we knew about the party for at least two weeks, I would like to tell you that we had the gifts bought and wrapped well in advance, but I won’t lie to you dear reader. We bought the gifts an hour before we were supposed to leave for the party. We got home from shopping around 12:30 and had to leave at 1:00 in order to make it to the party at 2:00. Well, factor in feeding a baby solids (during which she now rejects the spoon and only wants to hand feed herself), cleanup time, packing the diaper bag, and wrapping the present, we finally left our house at 2:00 (yes, the time we were supposed to be there). Oh well.

So we get to the party an hour late, but that wasn’t a problem. We took our daughter’s coat off, and I let her stand a little, holding her under her arms for support. That’s when the birthday boy toddled over, wearing only his diaper which was on backward so it was more difficult to remove. I guess before we got there, he had been running around in his brithday suit. Anyhow, he walked over to my daughter and gave her a little kiss on the cheek, without any prompting. It was very cute, but I’m in trouble already. I thought I would have at least 12 years before I had to fight away the boys from my daughter. The good news is that later in the party he tried to kiss her again and she pushed him away. That’s my girl.

After the party, we stopped by my parent’s house for dinner and for some much needed rest. This time we brought a sleeper for the baby, so we could just put her in her crib when we got home. While we were taking her out of the car seat, she woke up a little so my wife held her to comfort her while I called my parents to let them know we made it home safely (still winter in Pennsylvania). As I was saying goodbye to my Mom on the phone, my daughter woke from her sleep to say “bye bye” in the cutest voice you will ever hear and then immediately fell asleep. What a trooper.

Anyhow, here is a picture of the little heart breaker (I posted this before, but it is too cute to not post again):