Fiction Friday – Can A Lava Lamp Save the World?

I have added another part to my story, The End of the World as We Know It, I mentioned the other day. Here are links to each part of the story, with the ones written by me labeled as such:

The question remains: Can a lava lamp save the world?

My Story Won’t Cooperate

The funny thing about stories is that sometimes they just won’t cooperate.  My current work in progress, deadline March 31, has gone through countless revisions and two completely different “plots” and just will not bend to my will, not matter how hard I try. Both stories are over 1000 words long, but I don’t feel as if either are any good.  On top of that, my wife has had to endure reading both stories.  Last night she read what I thought was my almost final draft and made some revisions, but watching her read the story, I don’t think she liked it (which is ok with me).

As I was thinking about all of this, a third idea popped into my head, an idea that I think will make a stronger story.  So, I’m starting at word zero again (not throwing away the other drafts).  Don’t tell my wife, though.  She’ll probably kill me (just kidding obviously).