Our Little Actress

My daughter, 10 months old, has been cracking me up lately.  Last Thursday, out of nowhere, she debuted a new laugh, which I guess could best be described as a “fake laugh”.  I really wish I had some audio of the laugh to share here, because it’s just too funny.  She still has her “hearty laugh”, the one that makes her whole body move, but the new one comes out when she sees something that, I guess is funny to her but doesn’t trigger her spontaneous laugh.  It’s really cute.

Also over the weekend, my daughter has started a “fake cough”.  It first happened Friday when my parents were visiting and my Mom coughed.  Right after that, we heard a little cough and turned to my daughter and she was smiling.  I think she uses it now any time she feels we aren’t paying her enough attention.

Finally, little one has a new favorite word: “up”.   To her, “up” means “hold me under the arms and help me walk around”.  She says “up” constantly though sometimes it comes out “bup”.  I smile every time I hear this little voice, though she does wear us out with all the walking.

6 thoughts on “Our Little Actress

  1. Yes my daughter still says “hold me” which comes out as “homey”, which I always think is funny, the idea that’s she calling me her homey. If I just pick her up, she’ll say “Wat” or “Aunt you to wat awound”. Yeesh! But my favorite is when she says “Aunt to hode you” and when I pick her up she says what I sometimes say to her: “Ooh, you heavy!”

  2. So cute! I want to hear her fake laugh – they’re so funny, aren’t they? Oh ho, I know the fake cough all right. Kiko could go on the stage with his. He does sound so very poorly!

  3. Oops, I meant ‘our’s has’ (not have) we’ve only got the one. Thank goodness, she’s a lot of fun, but man she wears us out, two would kill us. 😀

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