New Theme

Hey there. Yes, you are at the correct site. I’m trying out a new theme. What do you think? Do you like this one better than the other one? Can you find everything the same?

This one gives me the ability to add my own header image, so I will have to get on that.

Update: The header is a picture called Pale Blue Dot which is an image of Earth from 4 billions miles away captured by Voyager 1, showing our place in the solar system.

14 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. The pale blue dot:

    “Kinda makes you feel . . . all sort-of insignificant, doesn’t it?”
    “Then can we have your liver?”
    “Oh, all right.”

    I like the theme, sw. It’s pretty professional looking. I particularly like how the ficlets logo looks against the white background.

  2. You lie, that is an ant on a twig carrying a torch on the way back from work, back to his wife and family.
    Ants have families. I insist.

  3. Thanks all. I’m glad you like it. I guess I will keep it then.

    Vintagefan 🙂 thanks for the laugh

    cavan – i had read about the pale blue dot the other day and just remembered it. i don’t know if i’ll keep it or not

  4. One warning: I actually don’t like change. I’m eccentric that way…but writers have the perogative to be eccentric, right? At least I tell myself that.

    I was startled when I came to your page today. What???!! He changed it??? WHY? See, I told you not good with change…I like the comfort and familiarty of knowing what I’m going to see, “Hmmm. Let’s see what Struggling’s up to these days…” “Oh! A different page!” My eye starts to go into a tic tic tic.

    I’m getting used to it, or I’ll get used to it. And I’ll eventually really like it. And then you’ll change it, and I’ll go through it all again.

    I’m mostly kidding. : )

  5. I know what you are saying Mary, and I’m probably the same as you. However, I like that I will be able to customize the header a little, so I will at least be able to personalize the site a little.

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