No Sleep

Man, this story is kicking my butt. Right now I have about three different versions of the story, all with the opening two paragraphs you all helped me with the other day. I was up until 11:30 last night working on it, though I’m not sure I got anywhere. Of course I had a hard time sleeping last night, because I had a hard time turning off the problem solving portion of my brain. Once I fell asleep, I’m pretty sure I dreamt about my story, though none of the dreams were particularly helpful. It must be contagious because even my wife had a nightmare about my story, and she hasn’t even read it yet (I gave her the synopsis in the car).

The good news is that although the deadline is tomorrow, that is an early submission deadline. The hard deadline is the end of April. That said, I want to finish this thing as soon as possible, because I enjoy sleep.

Any of you out there have anything that’s keeping you awake at night? Any stories about writing projects that just drove you nuts, or am I alone here?

One thought on “No Sleep

  1. I keep dreaming about the sequel to The Sky Pharaohs. I always swore I would never write one but these ideas keep tormenting me. To date I must have had around ten dreams about the sequel, with the story unfolding before my eyes (hmmmm, a preview of the ending might be handy!) I am familiar with not being able to sleep because a story is firing around my brain – but that sort of sleeplessness has to be better than being kept awake by neighbours or the baby-o having a bad night.

    I hope your story stops tormenting you soon and that you can get a good night’s sleep!

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