Douglas Adams 1979 Interview on Darker Matter

Darker Matter, an online Science Fiction magazine, has posted a transcript of an interview Douglas Adams gave in 1979. All of you Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Dirk Gently fans check it out. I liked the first part (which talks about his struggles and perseverance) better than the second part, but they were both good.

While you’re there, check out their short stories or even submit some of you own work for publication. Writing Opportunity

One of my homepages on my web browser is the recent updates page on Duotrope’s Digest. One of the new markets I saw today is a site called Here is a description of what they are looking for from their submission guidelines:

“Bat Durstons” are welcome here. We are seeking cross-genre works that tread the trails between Space Western, Science Fiction Western, and Western Science Fiction (with perhaps some crossover with Space Opera and/or Steampunk) for all manner of media. We’re especially interested in exploring Chinese, Irish/Gaelic, Native American, Spanish, and African/African-American influences on the West, in addition to the traditional Western WASP outlook.

Unfortunately, because we’re lowly cowards, we aren’t considering publishing fan-fiction at this time, so unless you’ve received express written permission from the original rights-holders, please don’t submit it here.

They pay 1/2 cents per word and a maximum of $25. For those interested in this particular genre, it might be worth checking out.