It’s April 5th and in my neck of the woods it’s snowing! Can you believe it? I’m dreaming of a white Easter! I’m glad I didn’t put any mulch down yet in my flower beds. Those poor daffodils and peony bushes probably don’t know what hit them.

Future Sam

I haven’t received a lot of responses about the Ficlets I have posted here (and that’s ok), so I’m not sure if you’re reading/enjoying them. However, I wrote one yesterday I’m pretty proud of, so I thought I’d post it here for your enjoyment. This one is a sequel to the Ficlet I posted last Friday titled How to Buy a Time Machine.

For those interested, you can read the full text at that post. In summary, Sam is surfing the web and encounters an ad from eBay advertising Time Travel Machines and with text “You can find anything on eBay.” Sam is having a crappy time of things, so he decides to click on the link. There have been two sequels, in which our hero discovers a time machine that is listing for $1500, and he also discovers mysterious messages writing on his notebook from his future self. Anyhow, that’s the setup. I present to you, Future Sam (note:I only had 1024 characters to work with):

Future Sam

Sam grabbed his lighter and torched his “enchanted notebook”. It was bad enough he had to take orders from his boss. He didn’t need some spiral bound chieftain telling him how to lead his life. It would be hours before he found the notebook with the words “Nice try tubby” written on the first page. Turns out Future Sam has a sense of humor.

Sam was able to acquire the device for $1501 as there’s little demand for a $1500 time machine, even one touted as being in “Good Condition”. Sam wasn’t sure how he was going to pay his credit card bill in a month, but figured that was Future Sam’s problem.

Upon winning the auction, Sam received an email from the machine’s owner asking him to pick the time machine “as soon as possible”. Sam knew from the address listed that the mysterious man lived only a half hour away so Sam replied that he would pick up the device later that day.

Sam climbed into the Neon, turned the key, and opened the garage door. Blocking his way was Amy. “We need to talk now,” she said.

There has already been a sequel written to my piece. Read it here.