It’s April 5th and in my neck of the woods it’s snowing! Can you believe it? I’m dreaming of a white Easter! I’m glad I didn’t put any mulch down yet in my flower beds. Those poor daffodils and peony bushes probably don’t know what hit them.

8 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. We got flurries of snow here in Ottawa today, too. Nothing stayed on the ground, but I looked out the window at lunch time and it was coming down pretty hard. Bizarre.

  2. Malnutured Snay – you are lucky

    Cavan – Nothing stayed on the ground here, either. It is just a shock to the system to go from 70 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees and snowing in the matter of a week.

  3. Where I am in (mideast) Ohio, some of it actually stayed on the ground for a while, then It melted by the end of the day. On and off it was blowing in almost whiteout conditions. It was really a bizarre week. Still kinda cold here. 😦

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