Hockey Playoffs – A Bet

I learned today via Cavan’s blog Blurred Line that he’s an Ottawa Senators fan . For those of you who are unaware, the NHL playoffs start tomorrow night between his Senators (boo) and my Pittsburgh Penguins (yay). The Senators are the 4th seed and the Pens are the 5th seed, so this should be an entertaining series. To make matters even more interesting, Cavan suggests a friendly wager:

NHL playoffs start Wednesday for my Ottawa Senators. I’m very excited. We’re taking on the Pittsburgh Penguins which, unless I’m mistaken, are Struggling Writer’s team. I foresee some sort of bet that results in blogosphere-wide humiliation for the loser.

Hmm. What would make a good bet? How about the loser has to write a favorable blog post about the winner’s team? Also, the loser has to cheer for the winner’s team, including blog posts, for the remainder of the playoffs. Any other suggestions? Anyone else want in on the bet or want to choose sides?

Anyone who is interested in the NHL playoffs, check out John Buccigross’ column on His columns are a blend of hockey knowledge, pop culture, and humor that even the casual fan would enjoy. As a bonus he picks the Penguins to beat the Senators.


3 thoughts on “Hockey Playoffs – A Bet

  1. I’m thinking we’ll need photographic evidence of the loser cheering for the winning team. Preferably while decked out in the team’s merch. Otherwise, I accept.

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