Senators 1, Penguins 0

Well, I’m losing my bet with Cavan so far. His Ottawa Senators won the first game of the series 6-3 against my Penguins, and let me tell you it was painful to watch. The Senators appeared ready for a playoff game from the moment the game started, hitting anything that moved, getting to all the loose pucks, and scoring just 97 seconds into the game. The Penguins, meanwhile looked adequately prepared for a pre-season mite scrimmage. The will need to be more prepared for the next game, or things will get ugly quickly. That said, it’s only one game.

I guess some joy can be found in that they Penguins decided to play midway through the third period and actually started to finish their checks and make plays happen. This led to some success for the Penguins, and I hope they learn a lesson.

I had my good friend and his wife over last night to watch the game, which seems to rarely happen since my daughter was born. It was nice to watch the game with my friend since we used to watch all the playoff games together when we were growing up. It was just like old times. I also have to say that my wife was really nice last night, giving our daughter a bath by herself (something I don’t know I could do alone) while I watched the game. Thanks honey :).

Well, Game 2 is Saturday afternoon, and I hope things turn out a little better. Congratulations to Cavan and his Ottawa Senators on their Game 1 victory.

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