Music is a Time Machine

Have you ever noticed the power of music? I ask this because as I was driving to work this morning a certain song by Journey came on the radio and I was immediately transported to the ’80’s. It’s funny how the human brain works. I can even hear a tiny piece of a song, and the memories come flooding back like something that floods (nice analogy, huh?).

It doesn’t even have to be good music, or music I even liked at the time. For example, every time I hear Notorious B.I.G, particularly “Mo Money Mo Problems”, I’m transported back to my college days. That song was played constantly at parties my freshman year. Man, I hated that song. But you know what? It brings a smile to my face any time I hear it nowadays. “I don’t know what they want from me, It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see”. See, I’m smiling as I type that. Nostalgia is funny that way. It seems I have a tendency to look at the past with rose colored glasses.

I think this is particularly powerful for writers. What better way to get yourself in the mindset to write about an era than to play some music from that time period. I guarantee you images and thoughts will creep into your head that might not otherwise have appeared.

What are your thoughts? What songs transport you to a different time in your life? Did video really kill the radio star, or was it just M.T.V.. Or was it us all along? Mwwwaaahahahahaha(evil laugh).