I Feel Wiggly

The good news is that my daughter (11 months old) slept through the night last night. The bad news is that she woke at 5:30 AM this morning, a full hour early, so we had to adjust our schedules a little this morning. I let my wife sleep for an extra half hour (she deserves it since she takes care of our daughter during the day), so it was up to me to baby wrangle.

It wasn’t too bad, really. She mostly wanted to read books and walk around a little. However, when I was getting dressed for work I needed to do something to keep her occupied while I got ready: I turned on the T.V. Let me say here that she watches a minimal amount of T.V., usually Sesame Street in the morning and maybe one other program at night. She usually prefers walking around and playing with toys.

Anyhow, I turned on the television to the Disney channel and sure enough The Wiggles were on. This leads me to my current dilemma. “Choo Choo, chugga chugga, big red car…” – these are the words stuck in my head at the moment. I think anyone with kids knows exactly what I’m talking about. The Wiggles are big on singing songs on their program, and this one is a very catchy tune.

I used to be against The Wiggles, when I only saw small clips on the show. Seeing how my niece enjoyed the show and seeing my daughter enjoy the show, I have to say The Wiggles are o.k. with me. The cutest thing is when The Wiggles start singing and my daughter right away gets a huge smile and starts clapping her hands to the music. Cutest thing ever.