I’m Back

Well, I’m back today. Thanks for all of the well wishes. I feel a little better today, and slept slightly better last night. Our daughter (11 months) was up again twice last night, which isn’t too bad except that she isn’t falling back to sleep as fast as she used to. We tried the cry it out method last night, but that didn’t really work. After a few minutes of her crying, I went in to check on her and she was standing in her crib crying. That was probably that of course broke my heart. I felt so bad. Anyhow, we wound up laying her down in our bed until she fell asleep (at first, she was clapping and laughing, but eventually fell asleep after an hour or so). This all happened around 4:00 AM until about 5:30 AM.

The most difficult part about the whole thing is lifting her sleeping body and walking her down the hall to her crib, being careful not to move her too much and waking her. This should definitely be a task on the television show Fear Factor, if that show is still on (I don’t get to watch too much T.V.).

We are currently enjoying some excellent weather in my neck of the planet. We have had 4 consecutive days of 80+ degree weather, and I can actually feel the sun’s energy replenishing my body. On Sunday, my wife, daughter, and I took a walk on a nearby nature trail, which felt like paradise. We brought the stroller along, but my daughter insisted on walking most of the way. She is almost able to walk on her own, but right now she holds our hands and toddles along. The highlight of the trip for her was that we let her hold a couple stones, which for the most part she kept out of her mouth. Amazingly, we were able to part her from the stones without much of a fuss.

I have started a small Word document that I have been appending some novel ideas to for the past few weeks. This morning I was thinking about my idea and I believe I have a pretty good scenario for Chapter 1, and I am extremely excited to begin this project. Who knows, I may even post an excerpt from the first chapter once it is written.

Understatement of the Day

I apologize in advance for the following post. I will have a non-political post soon.

Here is a quote I just saw on Salon that I’m calling the Understatement of the Day:

When asked by Larry King why Jeb Bush shouldn’t run for president in the next election, George H.W. Bush said:
“There might be a little Bush fatigue now.”

Wow, yah think?