View a Random Post

Just a quick blog news item here. I have added a link at the top right of the page (underneath the Thinking Blogger Award) called View Random Post From This Site. Click this link and you will be taken to a random post on this blog. It’s pretty neat, though it’s kinda strange to go back and read stuff I wrote a while ago. Enjoy!

Happy and Sad and In-Between

I have to say that my writing life has been going pretty well lately. I’m happy with my entry for the Clarity of Night Contest (we find out who won on Sunday). Twelve people thus far have commented on my story, all positive, and it seems that people at least I made everyone laugh, which is nice. Today I also received a really nice comment on one of my Ficlets (titled The Gift). Here is the comment (I swear it isn’t written by my Mom):

“The first ficlet I’ve read that looks worthy to be in print. I love the idea of a detective with an impeccable hunch. StrugglingWriter, in my mind you’re already a success. Keep writing – I’ll be watching for more!”

Wow! Talk about making my day, that made my week!

Also on the writing front I’ve started my novel. I’m roughly 400 words into Chapter 1 and really enjoying it. Writing a novel really does take a different mindset than the short fiction I have been writing lately. I’m having to actually, you know, describe things in detail. Not one of my strengths, but I welcome the challenge.

On a sad note, my parents recently told me that their Collie, Cinnamon, isn’t doing very well. She’s having trouble standing due to arthritis and is having some kidney problems. She is 15 years old (105 in dog years 🙂 ) and has had a good run, but it still makes me sad. My parents bought Cinnamon when I was in high school, so we had a lot of fun times together. I remember the Sunday after we had just returned from church when she got out of the house and took off up the street after a car. Well, I had no time to react (or put on shoes). I ran out the front door after her in my black, gold toe socks, my Khaki pants dragging on the pavement. I was pretty fast back then, but was no match for a Collie in her prime. She was as fast as a gazelle, and had more moves than Barry Sanders. I eventually caught her when she found an interesting smell on the side of the road and stopped to investigate. As recently as last year, Cinnamon and I played catch with a tennis ball, me throwing the ball, her retrieving it but not quite giving it back without a fight. I guess it was part of the game. Her decline has been rapid, though.

Yesterday my wife, daughter, and I drove the hour to my parent’s house to see Cinnamon just in case things take a turn for the worse. At first, things were about as bad as I expected. She was just laying on her blanket, barely having enough energy to stand up. I walked over to her, patted her on the head, and told her she was a “good girl”.

After dinner, my parents carried Cinnamon upstairs, she is unable to climb the stairs anymore, and we spent a little more time with her. This time, she walked around the room like she used to do and stood for several minutes. This was much more heartening. Still, I’m not sure how long it will last. Anyhow, losing a pet isn’t the same as losing a family member, but there are similar feelings of loss.

Anyhow, overall I’m doing ok. How are you?