Just a couple quick reminders to get you day going. First, there is a writing contest with prizes going on over at The Moon Topples. The last day for submissions is Monday (11:00 PM CST), so you have plenty of time to enter. He doesn’t have a lot of entries, yet, so start writing.

Secondly, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Head on over to your local comic book store tomorrow and get your free comics and while you’re there, why not buy something too. Might I suggest Fables?

3 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Mr. Struggling Writer, sir,

    Thanks much for the repeated mention of the contest. I truly appreciate it. I should probably point out that the deadline is actually Monday at 11pm CST.


  2. No problem Maht. I enjoy these contests, so the more people that enter, the more times you have a contest. Besides, I appreciate your participation here in the comments, so it’s only fair I should return the favor.

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