Sheldon – A Web Comic You Should be Reading

In addition to reading comic books, I also enjoy reading comic strips or what some may call “The Funnies”. Open up your local newspaper and you are likely to find comic strips that have been there for years and in some cases decades. Some of these comics are funny, and some are clearly phoning it in. From what I can tell, it’s extremely hard to break into the business and get syndicated. Luckily for us, there is such a thing as the Internet.

I would like to point you to one such web comic, Sheldon, which makes me laugh on a consistent basis. I emailed the creator, Dave Kellett, and he told me I could post one of his comics here, as long as I link back to his site. Here is the Sheldon strip from Sunday. This one really made me laugh. It is equal parts funny, cute, and nerdy. You can’t go wrong with that. Click on the strip to enlarge it. Click here to read the comic at


So, if you like this comic, stop by check out the rest of the comics. Here is a description of the comic and its characters. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Here is a link to a story arch about Star Wars.

Softball and Weekend

I hope you all were able to make it to a comic book store over the weekend and pick up your free comic books.  I was able to stop at my local shop and picked up a bunch of comics.  There was some good stuff, including the excellent Peanuts comic (contained a bunch of never before collected strips), a pretty funny Simpsons comic, and a Sandman comic I had previously read online.  All in all, I got a bunch of reading material for free.

One more friendly reminder: the contest at The Moon Topples closes tonight, so get your entries to Maht 11:00 PM central time.

My weekend went pretty well.  I got a lot done on Saturday.  My wife, my Dad, and I spent most of the afternoon weeding our flower beds and putting down mulch.  Since we weren’t able to do much yard work last year (due to the newborn) we had almost two years of weeding to do.  I’m happy to say things look much better, though not perfect.

I have my first church league softball game tonight, and am looking forward to that.  I totally expect to be sore for the next few days, especially my hamstrings. Even though I played hockey this winter, I imagine my body won’t quite be ready for softball.  Wish me luck.  I’ll need it.