Critique Circle

I think I mentioned here that I’m working on a novel.  If not, well, I’m working on a novel.  It’s going slow (which doesn’t surprise me with the amount of free time I have and my inexperience writing novel), but I think it’s going well.  I hope to finish Chapter 1 soon.  Anyhow, I was figuring since I will have this novel, wouldn’t it be nice to have some people read it and critique it.  Right now, I usually give my writings to my wife and my parents to read, and although they are helpful, they really don’t give a lot of criticism, which I totally understand.  Therefore, I decided to sign up at Critique Circle.

I have not posted anything there yet, but from what I gather you earn credits by critiquing other people’s work, and once you earn enough credits you can post something of your own.  I have heard some good things about this site, so i am hopeful it will help me with my novel.  Have any of you used Critique Circle or any other online writing critique sites?  What were your experiences?

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