My Little Girl is Turning 1

I may not post much here for the next couple of days because tomorrow my daughter is turning 1 year old. If feels like time has moved so fast as I look back on things, though at the time (especially at night) everything seemed to be moving so slow. Here is a link to my post the day after my daughter was born It’s a Girl and one wishing for an Owner’s Manual.

To tide you over, here is a picture of my daughter from a long time ago:


Oh, and here is a link to my latest Ficlet Strange Things are Afoot at The Rusty Tailpipe (you didn’t think I would post without pimping some of my writing, did you?).

4 thoughts on “My Little Girl is Turning 1

  1. Happy Birthday, tiny girl! I hope you have a good party, and I am sending virtual Hello Kitties!

    Does the time pass quickly? I hope you all have fun.

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