Well, my daughter’s first birthday party went well with a lot of her family visiting to celebrate, and her parents surviving the party and visit. It wound up being a nice time, though she was tired because she missed her nap. She was kinda reluctant with her cake, but she eventually did eat some icing and smear it all over her face. She got many generous gifts including tons of clothes, a neat car, and the new Tickle Me Elmo (TMX), which she is a little scared of.

I have been tagged by a couple people in the last few days. I will hopefully get to that later in the week. Until then, here is a picture of my daughter taken by my wife late last month. Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Wah! Super cute! She looks like a dolly! I’m glad she had a good birthday. Kiko wasn’t keen on his 1st birthday cake either but don’t worry – that soon changes!

  2. Helen – Thank you. She liked the cake once everybody wasn’t around.

    Karen – Thanks. We all had a good time. The planning was tough but everything went well.

    Paperback writer – thank you 🙂

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