Follow-up To Meme of Eight

Well, Friday was a pretty successful day for this blog. The final count wound up being 331 page views, obliterating the previous record. I know I’ll probably never match that count again, but it was fun while it lasted. I also want to say I’m not totally obsessed with page view statistics, but it is always nice to know people are reading what I write and hopefully some of the new readers will stick around.

Helen asked in the comments if I like the New Beetle, since I mentioned I once owned at 1973 Beetle. Well, in fact, my wife has a 2004 Volkswagen Beetle and really loves it. I miss the old Beetle, but the new one has many features I really like such as a functioning heater, power steering, and brakes that actually, you know, stop the car. Here are a couple grainy pictures I took of our Beetle a few years ago with my cell phone. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but the car is actually the limited edition “Satellite Blue” color. The second picture is of the cool rims.



For the most of the past year, I have been driving this car to work because we couldn’t fit the car seat in the back of it, so my wife had to keep my Honda Element at home (she’s not a big fan of the Element). She’s happy now, though, because we were finally able to have our daughter sit facing forward and could fit the car seat in the Beetle, and she gets her car back.

3 thoughts on “Follow-up To Meme of Eight

  1. Paperback Writer – actually, my wife named the car “Happy Rain” because the day we picked it up it was raining. The funny thing is that Volkswagen even gives owners a “birth certificate” for the car.

  2. That’s a lovely car and the shade is probably my favourite colour (apart from pink – do they do pink?!) Oh wow, Volkswagen are so aiming their marketing at people like me. I would love to have a car with a birth certificate! (Now all I need to do is learn how to drive…!)

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