Tuesday Morning Splash

I’m not sure what I want to blog about today because I’m dead tired from my daughter refusing to fall asleep until midnight, so I leave you with a story about my morning.

Each morning as I arrive at work the first thing I do is grab my mug and walk to the break room to wash out the previous day’s tea or coffee.  This is always an interesting experiment, because you never know what will be growing there, especially if it’s Monday and things have been festering for three days.  Why don’t I just rinse it the night before?  Well, I know one of these days the cleaning faeries will stop by my office and I want to make sure they have something to do.

Anyhow, I fill my mug with water and proceed to use the spongy thing to clean the cup.  I mean I’m really scrubbing hard.  A little too hard, I suppose in retrospect, because some of the water splashed up and onto my clothes.   Of course it couldn’t land on my shirt or my shoes.  Oh no, this evil liquid had the forethought to land right on the front of my pants.  Yes, there.  If anyone sees me today, I just want to say beforehand that I am in fact potty trained.  It’s just water.

How is your day going?

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Splash

  1. In a big office, cleaning your dishes only moments before you use them keeps the office thieves from steeling your stuff. One more tip to keep those hounds at bay: Put a date on your food left overs, but be sure that date is about a week or a week and a half earlier than the present date. (Although this often backfires because those same hounds say, “it’s been a week and he hasn’t eaten it… I guess he won’t mind if I do.) I’m so glad I’m writing from home now and not heading into such a place anymore.

  2. Bryan – I haven’t had much trouble with anyone eating any of my food (as long as I mark it with my name), though I could see it happening at other places.

    Nice comment, though. It made me laugh.

  3. We’re having a better day than you so far and in our case it is also related to convincing people we are potty trained. Our son was running around naked from the waist down because his is working on potty training. He ran over to the little toilet and pooped without any prompting or help. First time.

    I’ll send him over to give you a few tips if your problem continues.

  4. Tuesday…..tuuuuuuueeeeeeessssssddaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

    Yeah, that’s how my day’s been going. But…on the plus side, I didn’t spill anything on the front of my pants.

    No, SW, I didn’t spill anything on my pants. I did however spill something on the front of my shirt.



  5. This made me laugh! I had a yucky cleaning experience yesterday too but I will spare you the details. Let’s just say, I was in the church hall and had to throw away one of their cloths because of “something” Kiko did. Now I’d better buy a packet of cloths to take up there next week…

    I hope your day improved after this! And if you see those cleaning fairies, please send them round to mine.

  6. Paperback Writer – I guess it was just a bad tuesday all around. My day improved a little after this I guess

    Helen – That is rough. Nothing is worse than having to change diaper and realizing you don’t have all the proper supplies. When my daughter was really little, she had a really bad diaper and we had to use one of my undershirts to clean her up. Icky!

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