New Discoveries

I just realized I haven’t posted any pictures of my daughter from her birthday, so I will do that. But first a story.

I was mowing the lawn last night and my wife and daughter came out to visit me. My wife wanted to take over the mowing, and my daughter probably did too. Well, as they are walking towards me the little one was pointing and waving her hands excitedly. What a greeting! As they got closer, I could hear my daughter was making a noise that sounded like “brrr”. At first I thought it was just one of the random noises she does, but after I thought about it I realized she was trying to sound like the lawn mower! How cute is that? It is truly amazing how observant she is.

Anyhow, here is a picture from her birthday. She is sitting inside a “house” she got as a present. Dadda was nice enough to put it together for her without too much difficulty.


4 thoughts on “New Discoveries

  1. She is so cute. What a pose. What a picture. And that’s a pretty nice house you built there, Paul.

    I had to mow our lawn on Tuesday after work, and one of the bolts that holds the handle on fell out, who knows where. I decided to finish using our old push mower (the kind that doesn’t use gas or electricity but relies on your pushing it to spin the blades and cut the grass. My son (nine-years-old now) asked if he could do it. There was only a 20X40 patch left, so I said “sure.” He wants to mow the lawn every day now. A pity that feeling will pass by the time I feel comfortable letting him use the power mower. . .

  2. Caveblogem – Thanks. I love that picture too.

    Wow, an old push mower. My neighbor actually used one of those for a while. I use a push mower, but it’s gas powered.

    That’s pretty cool your son wanted to cut the grass though. Speaking from experience, that probably won’t last long.

  3. Eeh, your daughter is really growing up, isn’t she? She’s so cute!! I love her beautiful dress and I bet she will have great fun in that wendyhouse. I had a wendyhouse when I was a kid and had hours of fun playing in it. (I used to drive my dad mad always asking him to set it up, though…!)

    I’ve noticed that your daughter is sucking her left thumb, like Kiko does. I wonder if you’ve got a left-hander there? I think she and Kiko would get on famously because he loves lawnmowers and whenever the neighbour mows his lawn, Kiko is desperate to get onto the balcony and watch him. I think he thinks the lawnmower is a mini car!

  4. Thanks Helen. She is growing up. She always sucks that left thumb and twirls the hair with the right. Her mom is lefthanded, so maybe she will be too, though she might be sucking the left so she can use the right one. I don’t know.

    I bet she would have fun with Kiko too. She loves little boys and other kids in general.

    As far as her house, we just leave it up so I don’t have to take it apart and put it up all the time.

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