American Gods Novel

Mike wrote this in the comments of one of my posts:

“I love Shadow but I loved his wife and the crazy God that one the bet to kill Shadow. Those two cracked me up. I can’t remember another book that I loved all the secondary characters as much as this book.”

Well, now I have the novel in my head again. What a great book. Anyhow, several of you have mentioned you also read American Gods, so I thought I would share some information with you. I was cruising around on Neil Gaiman’s site the other day and found a link to a website that describes most of the gods from the novel. This helps to explain a lot in the book.

Also, did you know that Gaiman also wrote about the character Shadow in his latest collection of stories Fragile Things? The story is called The Monarch of the Glen. Has anyone read that yet?

4 thoughts on “American Gods Novel

  1. I love Gaiman. His comics are amazing… if you haven’t read SANDMAN, pick it up immediately.

    As you already know, his prose works are incredible and very imaginative. I haven’t read FRAGILE THINGS, but I have read and enjoyed SMOKE AND MIRRORS. I will actually pick up FT now that you mentioned the Shadow story (British comic book writers have a talent for digging up under-used American comics characters and revitalizing them).

    Also, GOOD OMENS is one of the coolest novels I’ve ever read. It’s funny and draws you right in.

  2. D. Peace – thanks for stopping by. You may have mis-read my post a little. Fragile Things features a character from American Gods named Shadow, not The Shadow from comics. Still, I don’t think you can go wrong by picking up Fragile Things.

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