Welcome to the 21st Century

Well, I just made the plunge and signed up for DSL.  All this time I have been on dial-up, which has really driven my wife mad.  The reason we have stayed on dial-up for so long is money.  I get dial-up for free as a benefit, so you can’t really beat that price.  Being a techie, though, it has been a little bit of an embarrassment  to have such a slow connection.  Not any more!

You may be wondering why I chose DSL over cable internet.  It is quite simple, actually.  We have one cable company in my area, Comcast, and they really ticked me off a few months ago to the point I will only pay them for what I actually need – Fox Sports Pittsburgh in particular – so I will always be dependent on them.

Anyhow, as soon as my modem arrives in the mail I’m sure I’ll be able to regale you with the tales of my struggles there.  These things never go smoothly.  I just hope I don’t punch any holes in the plaster walls.  Drywalling is a beotch.

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