I Feel Old

As I mentioned in a previous post, I turned 30 last week. For the most part I feel the same and on some days I even feel young. Not today. Ever have one of those days when you wished a body part would just take a day off and not report back to the central nervous system? That’s today for me. My right arm is extremely sore after last night’s softball game. Let me clarify that it was a co-ed church league softball game. The way I feel you would think I played in Game 7 of the World Series. It doesn’t help that I couldn’t sleep last night and the birds woke me up again this morning.

Oh well, enough complaining. I leave you with a picture of my daughter that helps me feel young again. Oh, have I mentioned she says the word “bubble”? Well, each night during bath time my primary job is to blow bubbles for her. She absolutely loves her bubble time, though she tried to catch them with her mouth.

5 thoughts on “I Feel Old

  1. Wah, so cute, I love her blue outfit! Is she playing with a rugby ball?

    Kiko keeps saying “bubble” all the time too… only I know he doesn’t mean an actual bubble. I have no idea what he’s saying! He also says “tatty” and I’ve got no idea what that is either. I need to learn to speak baby.

    Hey, this shop near where I live has got this bubble machine that blows bubbles out of the door. I bet your daughter would love that!

  2. Helen,
    That does look like a rugby ball! In fact, it is my wife’s knee. My daughter was using it to stand. Now that you mention it, I’ll have to get her a rugby ball or at least a soccer ball.

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