Thundercats Live Action Movie?

A LIVE ACTION Thundercats movie? My first though? Ugh. My second though? Please lord no. Here is the news via the excellent comics blog The Beat:

§ First, Warner’s is making a THUNDERCATS movie:

Studio has optioned a script by tyro scribe Paul Sopocy to turn the popular 1980s animated series and toy line into a live action feature. Warner-based Paula Weinstein will produce through her Spring Creek Prods. banner, along with Dick Robertson and Lew Korman.

Property revolves around a group of humanoid cats (with feline names like Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro and Cheetara) who must flee their planet of Thundera after it’s destroyed. Once crash-landing on another planet, Third Earth, they must thwart Mumm-Ra, an evil sorcerer, bent on killing them off.

I know I may be flamed for this, but think this one out people. Do we really need a live action version of this? It’s basically going to be people running around in cat costumes. Wasn’t that already a musical? Did we need live action Scooby Doo, or Cat in the Hat or The Grinch, or The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle? How about The Flintstones. Heck, I’m not even sure The Transformers movie will be any good (though I suppose I’ll rent it when the time comes). These things were created as cartoons for a reason.

I never was a huge Thundercats fan, I was more into G.I. Joe and Transformers. Thundercats always seemed too whiny for me. However, I did have friends who liked the Thundercats but I really don’t see them being into a live action version of the show either.

The real issue here for me isn’t the Thundercats. I guess I’m just fatigued from the Summer of Sequels and the dearth of new ideas in Hollywood. How many more franchises are they going to drive into the ground? Will the American public ever tire of it? Has everything already been done?

If you have to do a Thundercats movie, why not make a kickbutt CGI version?

9 thoughts on “Thundercats Live Action Movie?

  1. Funny. That was one of the cartoons that my parents wouldn’t let me watch as a kid. They were worried about my eternal damnation or something similar that they heard about at church. Thundercats and He-Man were banned.

    In retrospect, I think my parents might have made a wise decision for the wrong reasons.

    This also reminds me of my recent complaint about fantasy books. How come nobody seems to be able to create new creatures. Vampires/werewolves/elves/dragons. Can’t writers do any better than that?

  2. Hollywood has no imagination. I’m more of an independent & foreign film girl. I’ll watch the odd blockbuster if it’s got cool special effects but only if they don’t give all those away in the trailer (that’s a whole other rant for me).

  3. Kelly – You’re not weird. I know I’m in the minority on this.

    Chris – I’m definitely with you on the whole giving everything away in the trailer thing.

    lorna left – that’s good news. I still won’t watch it because I don’t really like the Thundercats, but at least I understand the decision.

  4. I’m not a Thundercats Fan… honestly for even the cartoon was kind of… bored… always the same damn end, The guy uses his sword, and the old mummy just go back to his coffin!! what the hell??? well few spisodes had a different ending but it didn’t vary that much… is like this other one that it was I think from the same creators but instead of Cats they were Birds.. or something like that.. they were guys with an armor and metal wings… and it was the same crap as Thundercats… the bad guy the good one, they defeat him and the guy goes back to his damn place…
    so I’m not into thundercats… like some say Flinstone SUCKED ASS!!! TOTALLY!!! and THUNDERCATS WILL TOO!!!

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