Sean Connery not in Indy 4

I just read on Sci Fi Wire that Sean Connery will not be appearing in Indiana Jones 4. His stated reason is that retirement is too much fun. Too bad. He did a good job playing Indy’s dad even though he is only 11 years older than Harrison Ford in real life.

To completely make myself seem like a hypocrite after my rantings the past few weeks about sequels, I will say here that I’m looking forward to Indy 4. Will it be a disappointment? Probably. Is 65 too old for Harrison Ford to be running around? Probably. I don’t care. I’m praying Spielberg and Lucas (eek) get this one right as they have with the other Indys.

Writing Update

I haven’t written about my writing progress for a few days, so I figured that would be a pretty good topic for this morning.  So, how’s it going?  I would best describe it as sluggish.  My guess is that I’m averaging 100 words a day on my novel.  Not good.  In my defense my wife has been using the laptop at night (which she totally earns by taking care of our daughter all day), so I really haven’t been able to write when I have wanted.  I’m also still getting a feel for what exactly I want the story to be about.  Sometimes I wish I was the type to plan things out, but that just isn’t me.  On the plus side, I was able to write a Ficlet the other day.

On the plus side I stayed up until midnight last night setting up our DSL and wireless connection.  I’m going to write a whole technical post about that when I get the chance in case anyone needs some help with that.  It really wasn’t too difficult.  I’m absolutely giddy with excitement about having high speed internet, as we have been on dial-up for so long.  We really couldn’t beat the $14.99 per month offer for DSL, though, and my wife is happy she can check her email at a pace faster than the telegraph.

Will having a high speed connection help my writing?  We shall see.  It will help in research and reading (Project  Gutenberg at home!), but will also give me a huge distraction.

I haven’t posted any writing contests here because I haven’t found any.  If you are looking for writing opportunities, Duotrope’s Digest is always a good place to look.