Sean Connery not in Indy 4

I just read on Sci Fi Wire that Sean Connery will not be appearing in Indiana Jones 4. His stated reason is that retirement is too much fun. Too bad. He did a good job playing Indy’s dad even though he is only 11 years older than Harrison Ford in real life.

To completely make myself seem like a hypocrite after my rantings the past few weeks about sequels, I will say here that I’m looking forward to Indy 4. Will it be a disappointment? Probably. Is 65 too old for Harrison Ford to be running around? Probably. I don’t care. I’m praying Spielberg and Lucas (eek) get this one right as they have with the other Indys.

2 thoughts on “Sean Connery not in Indy 4

  1. One of the best and most bizarre aspects of travelling is to witness the random elements of American culture as they crop up in other countries. For example, in a cafe in a tiny French village on the edge of the continent, the cel phone ring of another customer was the theme song to Indiana Jones. I was constantly marvelling at these funny and odd proofs of our insidious influence, rather than looking toward the obvious ones (Converse All Stars on every teenage foot). Before I left the states, my daughter and I stopped for a sandwich in a diner near our house. George Lucas was at the next table with his son and the son’s girlfriend. Lucas made his son leave the table to go feed the meter, much to the son’s groaning teenage chagrin, just like any other father and son in that stage. All this says something about the small size of the world, but I’m not sure what. It’s good to be back, home and online.

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