Writers – Backup Your Work

Man am I loving my new high-speed Internet connection. It just opens up so many possibilities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. For example, not that long ago I lost a bunch of pictures and documents when my computer died. I just never found the time/need to create backups. Thank heavens I didn’t have any type of large work in progress novel on there and what I did have was on Google Docs, because otherwise I would be devastated. Well, I have found a way for my computer to do backups for me, and store them off site (in case of a fire) without me ever having to remember to backup my files. Best of all the service is free (for 2 gb of storage, $4.95 a month for unlimited storage).

The service I’m talking about is called Mozy and so far I really like it.  As I mentioned earlier,  I recommend this for people who have a higher speed connection(you could technically do it on dial-up it would be really slow).  In order to use Mozy all you have to do is download Mozy from their website, install it, and then tell it what files you want backed up.  From then on, Mozy will make a backup copy on their site on whatever schedule you choose.  The best part is that after the initial load, it only backs up files when they have changed.

So, with a minimum amount of effort and no cost (save for the DSL connection) my files are backed up off-site.  If my computer dies or there is a fire my files will still be there for me to recover.  Give it a try, it really is worth it.