Update 2: 1957 Plymouth to be Unearthed after 50 Years

According to KOTV.com the Plymouth was totally rusted.  The key was rusted in the ignition and the entire inside including the gas tank was rusted out.  I figured this was going to be the result after reading they found a lot of water in the vault. Oh well, it was still a cool idea and would make an interesting fiction story.  I’m sure there are a lot of disappointed people in Tulsa right now.

Return of the Notebook?

I’m toying with the idea of returning to writing my novel by hand in a Moleskine notebook rather than writing on my laptop as I have been lately. What I hope to accomplish with this is to turn off the inner critic. Basically, I just keep working on the same 1000 words at the beginning of my novel, over and over again. This is easy to do electronically. Not so easy with pen and paper. My plan, if I choose to go this route is to do one day of writing in the notebook, then the next day typing what I wrote, and then repeat the process. It seems like twice the work, but maybe this will help me move things forward.


I have had a pretty nice response to my Ficlet Civil War on an Unknown Planet I posted here yesterday. In addition to the two nice comments posted here, the story has been read 27 times and rated 7 times over at the Ficlets site with an average rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. Not bad. Also, someone has posted a sequel.

Update: 1957 Plymouth to be Unearthed after 50 Years

For those of you who are interested, today is the big day they are unearthing the time capsule in Tulsa.  They received bad news a couple days ago, however, when they briefly opened the capsule and found it was half filled with water.  This is not very good news for the poor Plymouth Belvedere.   I’m still curious to see how things turn out today.  According to the website they are going to open the capsule at noon.