Weekend Wrapup

Just a quick wrap-up of various loose ends here while I attempt to wake up on  Monday morning.

That car I have been talking about the past few days was unearthed late Friday and was completely rusted.  Someone was nice enough to leave this link in the comments to pictures of the 1957 Belvedere. Here is an article about the unveiling that also includes pictures.  Not only was there water in the car, but the Schlitz beer they included in the capsule also rotted through the cans (similiar to what it does to the human stomach) and got into the car.

Driving around at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning trying to get my teething daughter to sleep I had a story idea pop into my head, so once I got the little one into her crib I jumped on the laptop and wrote a little bit.  This was the only writing I did this weekend.

On Saturday we went on a little train ride from out town to a near-by town.  The round trip took about an hour and we had an amazing time.  I took some pictures and will share them in another post with more details once I download the pics from the camera.

Anyone else do anything exciting this weekend?