Guest Post on Parenting Website

A few weeks ago Mike (regular reader and commenter here) asked for guest posts on his excellent parenting blog BeAGoodDad. Well, never one to turn down a challenge I decided to take a post idea I already had planned for here and submit it to his site. The title of the post is New Olympic Event Where Parents Will Have A Natural Advantage. Please take some time and check it out and also check out the rest of his site. I think you’ll enjoy it. Besides, where else will you see an analogy comparing a baby to a “sleeping Wookie at the Barber Shop”?

Hopefully my sense of humor won’t send his regular readers will enjoy my sense of humor. I hope you will too.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post on Parenting Website

  1. Quit pretending about accepting the challenge. We know you were just avoiding working on your book. 🙂

    I was just going to find the URL to let you know it was posted with I saw the trackback.

    Thanks for the guest post.

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