The Future of Autograph Signing

John Scalzi had an interesting blog post on the Ficlets Blog today about the LongPen, which is a device that allowed him to be in New York and sign autographs for people in Anaheim! We truly are living in the future.

The way the setup worked was that he sat in front of a monitor and chatted remotely with fans as he signed his autograph with the LongPen device. Once he pressed the Send button, the robotic pen in Anaheim would sign his autograph. He states in the post he would prefer to sign autographs in person, but that the technology is cool.

As far as my own thoughts, I would prefer to have an author’s autograph in person, written with the author’s own hand and ink. I know he technically signed those books, but it all feels to close to a rubber stamp for my taste. I agree the technology sounds amazing, though.