Site News and a Baby Update

I doubt if you noticed the little counter in the sidebar on the right, but this blog hit the 20,000 page view mark yesterday. Yay me! Thank you all so much for stopping by here every day. It really does mean a lot to me. I doubt I would keep doing this without the interaction with all of you. 20,000 views in a year and a half (I’ve been posting since Jan. 2006) isn’t too bad, even if some blogs get that in a day. Here’s to 20,000 more.

I haven’t talked here about my daughter very much lately, so I thought I would tell you some of the things she has been doing lately. First of all, she is now 13 months old. I can hardly believe it! It seems like only yesterday I was posting a half awake announcement here that she was born.

She has been walking for almost a month now. At first she would just take a few steps and fall into our arms. Then she would be able to go a little further, then tilt to a side and fall down laughing. Now, she can pretty much motor around the house on her own, though we still follow her around due to her tendency to fall directly onto her head.

In the talking department, she seems to be picking up so much. She is now able to say her name, which sounds so adorable and beautiful coming from her. She even answers the question, “What’s your name?”. Her other favorite words include “bubble” and the new one “cheese”, the latter is used when she wants cheese or if she is getting her picture taken.

Finally, she has begun to sing. For a while she was singing a song that we thought she must’ve made up. After a while, though, it became a little more clear. She is singing Frère Jacques, or Where is Thumbkin or whatever words you want to use. She hums the rhythm almost perfectly even pausing in the proper places. The amazing thing is she does it from memory. The cute part is she picked the song up from her Glo Worm.

As you can tell, I’m a pretty proud Dad.

5 thoughts on “Site News and a Baby Update

  1. I bet she sounds so cute when she’s singing, maybe she is going to be a keen reader – being able to memorise nursery rhymes and songs from an early age is a sign of this. It sounds like she is musical too. It’s amazing when they start to walk. You can’t believe this little baby has got so grown-up in the space of only a year!

    I well know certain small people saying “hot” then eagerly trying to grab the hot thing… Kiko likes to go around the house pointing out hot things and will even splat his little palm on them if given the opportunity…

  2. sw,

    Congrats on your 20k. Even more, perhaps on the regularity with which you post–quite an accomplishment, that, particularly with the little mobile talker at home.

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