Painting Complete and Two New Skills

Well, the painting yesterday went very well. My dad, my wife, and I patched and painted our front and back porches. It is truly amazing how much of a difference $22 in paint and a few hours of hard work (in the scorching hot sun) can do to make something look new again. Next up, our side porch.

After painting we all went to my softball game. My daughter’s favorite part of the game, other than looking at all the interesting people, is the clapping. She claps every time the bat makes contact with the ball. She also likes to call everyone Dadda, though she does get more excited when she sees me.

My daughter has learned two new skills. The first is she will take a drink of milk and then let the milk trickle out of her mouth. She thinks this is great fun. The second thing she has learned is to do a “raspberry” with her mouth. This is kinda hard to explain, but basically she puts her lips together and blows out, making the “raspberry” sound. Then we all crack up laughing. Sometimes she even combines these two skills, putting milk in her mouth and then doing the “raspberry”. Messy, but fun.