As you are all aware, the final Harry Potter book will be released on July 21st.  My wife and I are both anxiously awaiting the release of the book, having pre-ordered it months ago.  The big question on everybody’s mind is “Will Harry Die?”.  I, of course don’t know the answer.  I have a question of my own, though.  What are the chances I’ll be able to read this book without having the ending spoiled?

I say I have about a .01 percent chance of reading this book without knowing the ending, and I will try to avoid spoilers.  This book is just too big, it’s release too newsworthy not to have spoilers plastered all over the media.  Even if I was able to avoid television news reports and the newspaper, there is no way I could avoid all website and blog spoilers.

Adding to this is the fact that my wife will be reading the book first, which is only fair since we ordered it for her.  Factor in my slow reading pace (I’m only able to read at night before bed and usually 10 pages at a time) and it could be two months before I hit the last page of the book.  By that time everyone will have moved on to the next big thing and the ending will be common knowledge.   I will try not to let this affect my enjoyment of the book.

How about you? Will you avoid spoilers at all cost?  Will this affect your reading experience?

9 thoughts on “Pottermania

  1. I’m getting the book at midnight and I intend to finish it this weekend (I have reserved my whole weekend for HP) I’ll avoid the blogs just so the ending isn’t ruined for me.
    But I wish you luck! I hope the book isn’t spoiled for you!

  2. I’ve never read Harry, but will be going to the movie Friday night. Not sure why I’m going other than it’s a social event and a change to meet a few new people. I don’t really understand the mass hype about the books or movies. Granted I’ve never read the books but still, it’s a book. I think it’s just the media latching on to something. Sorry, haven’t unwound from work yet so I think I’m just not in a good mood.

  3. I misread your post and read this instead: “Will Harry Die?” I, of course, know the answer, and I nearly had a heart attack thinking: “Why? Why? What? What? What happens?!” I thought you had a secret contact with J.K. Rowling or something!

    The book comes out at 9.01am in Australia and I put my name on the waiting list several months ago, so we’re going to queue at a nearby bookshop and pick it up. I’m going to dress Kiko as a pumpkin, just so that he has a good reason to dislike me as a teenager.

    I get to read the book first (Kiko’s Daddy says why read the books when you’ve got the films…!!) but I promise I won’t write spoilers on my blog. I remember when the 5th one came out, a “review” appeared in a newspaper here the next day and it was full of spoilers… but they were all wrong! I guess whoever wrote it read the book in too much of a hurry.

  4. I pre-ordered the book from Amazon, so it’ll be on my doorstep on Saturday. I managed to avoid all the spoilers about the last book without too much effort, so I’m hoping things go the same way this time.

  5. I have this fear to, Paul. I’m also a slow reader. I will avoid everything that mentions Harry Potter, Hogwarts or any other keywords, until I’ve finished the book myself.

    Some people will be desperate to spoil it for others and I’m hoping that it won’t happen to me.

    I wonder how long we’ll be lucky for?

  6. “I can’t believe Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father!” said Homer Simpson as he and Marge walked past the lengthy line of movie-goers waiting to see Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. for the first time.

    Who’s Harry Potter? Just kidding.

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