Vacation Update

Well, we made it safely to our destination, roughly 450 miles from home.  The trip was uneventful save for an hour “detour” and some very heavy rainfall. I caught a pretty cool interview with the director of the latest Harry Potter movie on XM while we were driving and I really want to see the movie.

We have “free” wireless high speed in the hotel room, which is nice and also how I’m writing this message.  Our room our first night was horrible.  The room was non-smoking but had smoking rooms on either side which basically meant we were in a smoking room.  The floor also felt damp and was dirty.  We requested a new room for our second night and it is sooo much nicer.  It’s like we’re in a whole new hotel.

We were able to go to the beach, which was great.  My daughter loved the ocean and also playing in the sand.  She even refrained from eating too much of it.  Mostly it was just nice to be away from home and not have to worry about cleaning everything.

On a funny note, my daughter thinks it’s hilarious when I wear my sunglasses.  She calls them “klasses”.   She also formed a sentence today, asking my wife to “draw a cat”.

As much fun as it is to be away from home, I can’t wait to get back home where my copy of Harry Potter awaits.