No Potter!

Well, I finally made it home from vacation. The drive home was uneventful, which is what you always hope for that type of thing. The entire drive home (400+ miles) I was excited and nervous to pull up to my house and see that little brown package waiting for me, the final Harry Potter book. My fear the entire time was that the book was delivered, but someone stole it off my front porch. My nightmare was fulfilled when I pulled the car into my parking spot and my wife and I walked up to the front door (with my wife holding our sleeping daughter), there was no book to be seen.

As soon as we had the car unloaded I went into a little panic, checking all around the house, just in case it had fallen into the grass. That fruitless, I headed to the internet, hoping there would be something there that would tell me that my precious book was safe, yet undelivered. First, I checked There was no record that I had ordered the book there. Well, maybe we ordered it under my wife’s name. Nothing. Now I was really starting to get worried. I remembered ordering the book, but what if the order didn’t go through for some reason, I thought. That would really suck.

Next I checked Barnes and Noble under my wife’s name. Nope. It was at this time I might have started sobbing. The last final attempt was Barnes and Noble under my name. Yay! There was an order there. Now the question was where was the book? Did the paper boy take it in a fit of jealosy after delivering the third newspaper and seeing the fruits of his labor unread (we canceled delivery but the delivered anyhow, ugh!)? No. Upon examining my order, it turns out I had the book delivered to my work rather than my house.

I’m not going to work tomorrow, so I will have to wait another day to hold my book. I am almost tempted to go in just to pick it up, but that’s silly. I’m just thankful it wasn’t stolen.