Eight More Thingies About Me

Since I’m just getting back in the swing of things and I was tagged by Mellifluous Dark, I thought I would post eight more things about myself. As you surely remember, I did this meme before.

Here are The Rules:

1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1. I don’t consider myself a creative person, which is not really a good thing for someone who wants to be a writer of fiction. That said, I try to not let this slow me down and do think I’m getting better. I have come to believe creativity is something everyone has at least a little of. Creativity is also like a muscle, though, and does need exercise from time to time, otherwise it will atrophy.

2. I have a minor in Mathematics, which also on the surface doesn’t seem to fit in with the whole writing thing. However, I think the two can complement each other if you look at it more closely. Math often involves problem solving and if you think about it writing is a form of problem solving. Writing usually involves answering some type of What If? question, and the job of the writer is to figure out how to get to the answer.

3. I have all my toys from the 80’s at my parent’s house. I’m talking Transformers, G.I. Joes, and Star Wars. I have an old Millennium Falcon, Optimus Prime, the Cobra Rattler, and a bunch more. People always tell me I should sell all that stuff on eBay, but that is like asking someone to sell pictures of their beloved friends, the ones who stood by them when it seemed like no one else would. I just can’t do it. Besides, let’s just say all of these toys are “well loved” and may not be in mint condition.

4. When I was in college, my summer job was Camp Counselor for a Summer Camp for a local YMCA. Every day we would travel from the YMCA to a state park, roughly 25 minutes away. There we would play games, do art projects, and swim in the lake. I learned a few things on that job. First, there are few things in this world more noisy than a bus full of five to ten-year-olds on their way to play games, do art projects, and swim in the lake. Absolutely ear-annihilating. Conversely, there are few sounds in this world quieter than a bus full of five to ten-year-olds on their way home from playing games, doing art projects, and swimming in the lake. Secondly, for whatever reason they make juice boxes out of some type of material that is impossible for a kid to penetrate with a straw. I think I was hired simple for my ability to put a straw through the little foil hole so the kids didn’t die of thirst.

5. Man, this is a lot of stuff. I don’t think there I know 8 more things about myself. Hmm. Let me think.

6. The first CD I ever purchased was Starship – Greatest Hits. This album included the song We Built This City which I personally liked at the time, but which many consider one of the worst songs of all time. I’m not sure how I feel about it now.

7. I was once involved in a sports rivalry that would make the Yankee-Red Sox feud feel like a game of patty cake. I come from a pretty small town, but when I was growing up we had enough kids interested in soccer that there were two Under-8 soccer teams, who were both pretty good and who played each other once a year. We were all friends most of the time, except on the week before the game. I remember there being quite a bit of trash talk in our Elementary School classes, mostly consisting of “We’re gonna beat you.” and “Nuh-uh, we’re gonna beat you.” I remember feeling on top of the world when we won, and feeling heartbreak when we lost. I also had a yearly sleepover for my birthday and players from both teams attended my party. Amazingly, no one was killed at these shindigs.

8. I find it really hard talking about myself for this long, as I’m not one to really think about myself or analyze myself very much. I guess that’s why I’m really not that good of a blogger. Oh well, at least I made it through this one.

I’m breaking the rules and not tagging anyone, since I already did that last time. Actually, I tag whomever wants to do this, so I guess I’m tagging the world. Don’t let me down, World, I hate breaking the rules.