Finally Got My Book

I would first like to say that I pre-ordered the Harry Potter book as a just in case they all sold out. Obviously there was little chance of this happening, but I still didn’t want to risk it. Also, I got a little discount by pre-ordering. Who knew the whole process would be so harrowing?

When our saga left off, our hero (me) returned home from a 450 mile car ride only to discover his book was nowhere to be found. After a frantic search, our hero discovered his book was to be delivered at his work address and not his home address. Comfortable in this knowledge, our hero was able to sleep soundly that night.

When I first got to work on Tuesday I immediately looked for the brown Barnes and Noble box in my inbox and wouldn’t you know, it was nowhere to be found! Crap! I searched around my office and asked any co-workers if they saw it, in case they were playing a prank on me. No, no one saw anything. According to tracking on B&N’s website, the book was delivered. Talk about a bad start to the day.

It’s not like I was worried I couldn’t get another copy of the book, it was just that I’d rather not have to PAY for a second copy. As a last resort, I sent an email to my office to see if maybe someone had received the book by accident. Nope! So, I started to work, telling myself I would give it a few days before contacting B&N. Soon after that, my book was delivered and a few of my co-workers cheered 🙂 .

In a way, the whole debacle made me appreciate the book more. Now I just have to wait for my wife to finish the book before I begin reading. Luckily I have yet to read any spoilers, though I don’t know how long that will last.

7 thoughts on “Finally Got My Book

  1. paperback writer – now I have to wait for my wife to read the book! I placed it prominently on her pillow last night and she did start reading, so hopefully I will be able to read soon.

    In the meantime I’m finishing up Stardust.

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