What Would You Like To Read Here?

If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you all for your help. See, I would like to make this blog better and I think you can help me. I get roughly 70 unique page views here per day, and I know those aren’t always the same people, I do know I have at least a few regular readers. These are the people I think can help, my regular readers, people I would gladly call my friends. I’m not asking a lot, just for a moment of your time.

My question for you is this: what do you want me to write about? What types of posts do you like best when you visit my blog? Excerpts of my fiction? Posts about my daily life? Posts about my daughter? Posts about writing contests? Writing advice? Something else? If you have any thoughts on this matter, please leave them in the comments of this post or use the “Contact Me” link at the top of this site.

I appreciate all of you who visit here and those of you who leave comments, because without you, this wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.


Free Books

Writer and frequent commenter S. William Shaw  is giving away free E-book copies of his two novels. He published these novels via Lulu and has made them available via Amazon. To get your free electronic copy of his books simple send him a email. His address is at the above link. He has received some positive reviews, so this a treat.

Why is he giving stuff away for free? Here is his explanation:

“Writing a book is a very hard thing to do, but spreading the word about your book is even harder. I have been humbled and amazed by some of the great reviews my books have received so far, and like every writer, simply want more people to read my books.”

So, why not support a fellow writer and check out these books. After all, it’s free!