I had a pretty nice weekend, I hope you did as well.  Right as I was about to leave for work this morning I heard my daughter cry, meaning she was awake.  Since my wife was still getting ready, I ran up the stairs to comfort my daughter and change her diaper.  When she was laying on the table she said “ba” which might not mean a lot to you but to me it meant she wanted me to sing “Ba ba Black Sheep”.  We have taught our daughter some sign language, including the sign for “more” so every time I finished the song she would put her hands together, telling me to sing more.  She was so cute and it was a nice moment.  I could post audio here, but I think I’ll spare us all the embarrassment.

On Friday night my wife and I were doing yard work and at first my wife was walking around with my daughter as I attempted to prune our impossible too large bush in the front of our house.  I nearly fell off the little stool I was standing on and killed myself several times while trying to trim the highest branched of the bush and nearly cut my face off a few times (some may say this would be an improvement) with the electric hedge trimmer.  I got most of them, but there are still a few sticking up I’ll have to get the ladder out for, but that will be another day’s adventure. I survived, though, and my wife  took over on some of the lower stuff.

At this point, I brought my daughter inside because she kept wanting to climb the concrete stairs, which she is not ready for.  Unfortunately, when she got inside she cried because she was away from her “mamma”.  In a moment of weakness, I popped in the Baby Einstein “Neighborhood Animals” DVD, and she loved it.  There is a little dog pupped throughout the video and my daughter kept laughing, saying “Pup”.  It was really cute.  The video obviously change her mood.

I’ve created a Baby Einstein monster now.  She will walk up to the TV, turn it on, and say “Pup” and then do the sign for “more “.  The hard part is that she doesn’t do it in an overly demanding way.  The girl is just too sweet.  Just so you know, we’ve held strong and haven’t shown her the movie every time she asks.  We try to limit her television viewing.

It’s just so neat to see this person who last year communicated in cries, smiles, and farts, to turn into someone who steals our hearts with her giggles, words, and yes even her farts.