Remember When?

I’ll let you in on another detail about myself: I’m constantly looking at the past, my past, and thinking to myself, “Man, those where the days”. I’ll think back to the times my wife and I were living in our 1 bedroom apartment and think about all the fun times we had, ignoring the bathroom that was so small you could reach out your arms and touch each wall. Or I think back to college and remember all the carefree fun we had Friday and Saturday nights, ignoring all the time spent memorizing information or cramming for finals. Or I think back to High School and, well, you get the idea. Some day I’ll look back on now and think it was the most wonderful time ever.  Am I the only one here?
With that in mind, I have to tell you that I’m already having these feelings in regards to my daughter.  Here is where you will all probably call me insane.  There is a small part of my (something like 2% or me) that misses the times I had to drive my daughter around in the car at 3:00 AM to get her to go back to sleep.  I’m crazy, aren’t I (I’m sure Helen at least thinks so)?  She has been sleeping consistently through the night for the past few weeks, and I feel rested and it has been great, but I do miss those late nights we had together, lifting her out of her car seat, her little face resting on my shoulder.

Also, I came up with some pretty cool story ideas when I was driving around at 3:00 AM (here, here and here).  I guess there’s something about driving around on the freeway with only a sleeping toddler and a few truckers to keep you company that lets you think about things.  Maybe I’ll just set the alarm for 3:00 every night and try to think about stuff.  Or, maybe not.

Anyhow, do you all experience this nostalgia?  I doubt I’m alone on this.  After all, there would be no such thing as I Love the ’80’s without it.

In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about the good old days when I wrote this post.