New Words and Writing Update

I have been working on my Clarity of Night contest entry and hope to submit that this afternoon (today is the final day for submissions). I’m pretty happy with my effort so far, though this will be pretty different than my past entries. I will post a link to my story once it is posted on the site. In the meantime, here is the first line from my story:

Alistar wept, his tears blazing a path over his earth stained cheek.”

Alistar wept, his tears tracing the curve of his sunken cheek.”

My daughter debuted two new words yesterday. I’m mentioning them here mostly so I don’t forget. First, when I just got home from work she pointed at my neck and said “tie”. That was pretty amazing because we hadn’t even said the word first. I guess she remembered from other days (I have to wear a tie to work Mondays through Thursdays).

Then, when we were giving her a bath and drying her off she pointed and said “towel”. Again, we didn’t say it first. As you can tell, I’m pretty proud.

Trying to get her to sleep last night we turned on the T.V. to the public access station (the one with the classical music and community events) and all of a sudden she sat up and said “O”. I guess she saw the letter “O” on the screen and wanted to tell us about it.

3 thoughts on “New Words and Writing Update

  1. She’s clever! Towel’s a good one, it’s not a word I’m conscious of saying much but it’s an object that’s used every day. Kiko did that with the word “ball” – he suddenly came out with it when I couldn’t remember ever saying it to him and now he uses it all the time. On the other hand, I’m still trying to teach him the word “train”! His latest word is “cake”, funny how he picked that one up by osmosis!

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